Despite the obstacles and circumstances he went through, “Salem” insists on achieving his dream

Ezidi24 – Tahseen Alhaskany

“While I was being treated in a hospital in India, I used to write the laws of physics on the floor of the hotel I was staying in during my treatment Period so that I would not forget it and revise it from time to another,” Salem said while telling his story to “Ezidi 24”.

He added, “I was receiving moral support from my family, my uncle and my friends, which gave me a strong motivation to continue life and return to my family and friends and to continue my school and achieve my dream.”

Naif Saydo, Salem’s uncle, from the moment he knew that his nephew was sick and he did not stand idly by, but borrowed money from relatives, friends and other people and took him to India for the purpose of treating him and as a result he is still paying the debts he owes from those who borrowed from them.

Salem was unable to see his doctor in India as his family could not afford the costs for that.

He also said, “As a result of the many debts that we owe (about $ 60,000), we visited a number of Yazidi officials, personalities and organizations, hoping that they would relieve us of this heavy burden, but to no avail.”

Today, from this rostrum, Salem “appeals to the federal government, the Kurdistan regional government and all charitable people to extend a helping hand to him and his family and to relieve them of the heavy burden of debts that they owe.”

Salem Suleman Saydo, born in 1999, in Telazir (Al-Qahtaniyah) sub-district. He was excelling in his study and dreamed of becoming a doctor, but fate was hiding something else for him, as Salem had contracted leukemia while he was preparing himself to begin the academic year that would determine his fate at the occupational level (sixth grade of secondary school) and now he recovered from the disease and completed his study and is currently studying at the University of Mosul – college of Medicine.

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