After releasing a number of them, the Yazidis fear the release of the perpetrators of the Yazidi genocide

Ezidi24 – Thyab Ghanem
Translation: Tahseen Alhaskany

After the release of a number of the perpetrators of crimes against the Yazidis who joined ISIS during its entry into Iraq in 2014 by the Iraqi courts, it caused concerns among the Yazidi component and demanded a review of their rulings.

ISIS has committed many crimes against the Yazidis, which the United States considered genocide and recognized by many countries as well, and ISIS killed and kidnapped thousands of Yazidis and caused the displacement of most of the people of Sinjar district.

The Yazidi activist “Falah Hassan” believes that “the release of a number of perpetrators of crimes against the Yazidis makes the Iraqi justice questionable, and there must be an alternative solution to accountability for those who joined ISIS and who represent the role of civilians now.”

“Despite the evidence and testimonies against them, the bribes were stronger than that, and a number of them were released as a result. We demand that their judgments be reviewed and tried again,” He added.

There are still 2,874 Yazidi kidnappers in ISIS prisons, despite the announcement of the elimination of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and it is believed that a number of them are in Al-Hol camp in northeastern Syria.

“Hassan” continued his speech to “Ezidi 24” by saying, “The trial of ISIS terrorists requires international intervention to be done with justice through the establishment of an international court in Iraq.”

Mahjoob Mahfooz, a family member of the victims, says, “The Iraqi government has not done justice to the Yazidis since the genocide occurred against them in 2014, and it must intervene and judge ISIS criminals according to what they committed against us.”

He pointed out that “the only solution to curb the continuation of the chain of releasing ISIS is international intervention, because the courts here are subject to bias to one side, and because we are a minority, we have not been treated fairly, and we cannot do anything before the courts, and our demand is that every criminal receives his penalty.”

Yazidi bloggers and activists expressed their concerns through posts on social media about the position of the Iraqi courts, and demanded an international intervention to try ISIS members of all nationalities.

According to the Directorate of Yazidi Affairs in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, the ISIS attack on Shingal resulted in 1293 martyrs and 2,745 orphans, and the number of kidnapped reached 6,417, including 3,548 females and 2869 males, and the number of religious shrines detonated by ISIS reached 68 shrines, and about 360,000 Yazidis were displaced from Shingal and 100,000 Yazidis migrated abroad.

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