A date on first of February for farewell of remains of victims in village of Kojo

Ezidi 24_ Thiyab Ghanim
Translation: Runak Ibrahim

A workshop was held today in Duhok province by lcmp organization and UNITAD team to investigate ISIS crimes to set a date for the funeral and burial of remains of Yazidi victims in the Yazidi village of Kojo.

Iraqi Prime Minister Saad al-Abdali’s representative attended the workshop, the forensic team, the cemetery affairs team, a number of international and local organizations and a group of intellectuals and media professionals.

A private source informed Ezidi 24 that “it was agreed on first of February, the date to bury the remains of the deceased whose bodies were killed by ISIS in their attack on Sinjar distract in summer 2014.

A total of 104 victims have been identified from mass graves in village of Kojo, the southernmost province of Sinjar.

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