The liberation of a Yazidi girl from Hasaka, Syria

Ezidi 24_ AL Hasaka
Translation : Runak Ibrahim Jamil

Ezidi 24 correspondent in Al-Hasakah said that the kidnapped girl Najla Saeed Ismail had liberated from the city of Hasaka.

Najla is 22 years old that was kidnapped from the ancient village of Tal Qasad, south of Sinjar Mountain, by the terrorist organization ISIS during its attack on the district in summer of 2014.

One of her relatives confirmed that, “ISIS kidnapped most of her family, freed 8 persons of them, and her brother and older sister are still with her parents, whose fate is unknown.”

ISIS kidnapped 6417 Yazidis upon its attack on Sinjar district, liberating more than 3 thousand of them, and the fate of more than two thousands of them is still unknown.

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