Preparations for the funeral of 104 Kocho victims are starting

Ezidi 24 – Sinjar
Translation – Runak Ibrahim Jamil

Today, a group of volunteer youth from the old Tal Qasab Village Youth Center carried out a campaign to clean up the site of the event represented by Kocho Cemetery, which was constructed for the village martyrs and the Village Hall.

The director of the old Tal Qasab Youth Center, “Sakvan Suleiman,” said to “Yazidi24,” “The aim of this campaign is to support people of the village who survived extermination of the village on 15th of August 2014.”

Suleiman continued his speech, “It is our duty as young people to support families of the victims because they are going through a difficult period from a psychological point of view, and I ask all young people in Sinjar to support people of Kocho village.”

Furthermore, We will be available at the funeral ceremony on first of February next year, and we hope that the rest of the centers will send youth groups in solidarity with the village of Kocho.

The village of Kocho , located in south of Sinjar district, had the largest share of ISIS destruction, and 17 mass graves were opened in the village behind ISIS and the specialized teams recovered their remains.

The forensic medicine office in Baghdad has confirmed 104 victims of mass graves in Kocho village, who are scheduled to be buried by official decree on 1th of February.

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