Will justice be served? Today, the German parliament will vote to recognize the Yazidi genocide

Ezidi 24 – Berlin
Today, Thursday (January 19, 2023), the German parliament will vote on the draft recognition of the genocide of the Yazidis, a fateful decision that the Yazidis have been waiting for eight years.
The draft law consists of 20 articles, and in addition to financial and humanitarian aid, Germany intends to play an important role in the reconstruction of Yazidi areas, and to collect evidence of ISIS crimes.
In a special statement to Ezidi 24, the activist Kohdar Qaedi, director of the Yazidi Affairs Organization in Germany, confirmed that in the seventh month of 2021 I legally demanded the German Parliament to recognize what happened to the Yazidis as genocide, and in their response to my demand they demanded the collection of 50,000 signatures for this purpose, Qaedi indicated, Despite the short period, which was only 30 days, we were able, with the help of hundreds of Yazidi youth and philanthropists from other peoples, to collect 57 thousand signatures.


The Yazidi activist Kohdar Qaidi stated that in the year 2022, the Requests and Invitations Committee demanded that I attend Parliament and discussed the issue with me for an hour, and I personally explained all the mechanisms and methods that deserve recognition that what happened to us is a genocide that rises to the level of its recognition in the German Parliament. On June 20, 2022, we were invited by the Human Rights Committee again to discuss the issue with all the blocs in Parliament. The meeting lasted for three hours, and we answered all the questions directed to us by all the blocs.
On November 13, 2021, all Yazidi organizations and associations met in Berlin and agreed that this project is a project for all Yazidis under the name “Berlin Conference.” 27 organizations and associations attended and signed the project and authorized me to speak on behalf of everyone.
Indicating that on July 7, 2022, all blocs approved that what happened to the Yazidis amounts to recognition as genocide, and we hope that justice will be achieved today, Thursday, and that the German parliament will recognize that what happened to the Yazidis is genocide.
It is noteworthy that Germany embraces the largest Yazidi community, and the number of Yazidis in Germany ranges between 100 and 110 thousand citizens who fled wars and genocide.
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