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Farida Global Organization assisting to enhance access to justice and reparation

Ezidi 24 – Khalid Qasim Salih

In Duhok Governorate and close to the place where most of the Yazidi Survivors from ISIS captivity and victims of genocide are still living in displacement camps, Farida Global Organization holding information sessions on the “YSL” Yazidi [female] Survivors Law (Law No. 8 of 2021). Many of the survivors eligible to receive reparation and benefits under YSL lack the information, knowledge, and skills on YSL and its application to receive reparation. In close coordination with the Iraqi General Directorate for Survivors’ Affairs (IDSA) and in participation of representatives from the Commission of Investigation and Gathering Evidence (CIGE) in Duhok, representatives of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), and representatives of the Voices of Survivors Network, Farida Global aiming to bring survivors and those who are in power to confront each other and thus address the questions of Survivors. While IDSA has opened offices in Mosul and in Sinjar, the majority of the Survivors of conflict related sexual violence (CRSV) are still living in IDP camps in Duhok, being unable to return to their area of origin in Sinjar due to insecurity and lack of basic services.

At the session held by Farida Global, Mrs. Sarab Elias, Director General of Survivors’ Affairs, sharing “This is very important law. It will not only give reparation to the Survivors from sexual violence but will also hold the perpetrators accountable and bring justice including proper exhumation of mass graves.”
In an effort to deliver the latest developments and accurate information about the law to the survivors entitled under this law, the Farida Global Organization hold discussion sessions, consultations, and supporting with online applications. On the importance of this discussion session, the Country Director of the Farida Global stating
“We as survivors-centric and led by Survivors Organization, we put the priority to survivors and their rights in the core of our work. We come forward to support with the implementation of YSL, while hoping that full reparation and justice for survivors will be obtained.”
A survivor from ISIS captivity participated in this session stating “Such law is very essential despite it will not heal all the wounds of survivors but we hope it will be fully applied and cover parts of the suffering of those vulnerable girls and women.”

In summer 2014, ISIS invaded Sinjar region where majority of the Yazidi Community were living killing men on spot, enslaving girls and women, taking young children into military camps, while systematically destroying the infrastructure and the holy sites. So far more than 13 countries and parliaments recognized the horrific atrocities perpetrated by ISIS (Daesh) against the Yazidis as “Genocide” while the Iraq government passed a new Law no.8 in March 2021 being one of the first of its type to provide reparation of CRSV and mass murder. Yazidis, Shabak, Turkmen, and Christian Survivors are eligible to receive reparation under this law.


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