A campaign to collect signatures launched which will be submitted in the form of a petition to the Swiss Parliament to recognize the Yazidi genocide

Ezidi24 – Zurich

After the recognition of Yazidi Genocide by the German Parliament through a petition which collected signatures, similarly it has been announced the launch of a campaign to collect signatures for submission to the Swiss Parliament to recognize the Yazidi genocide. In this petition the Yazidi community in Germany and across the globe can sign as they did with one for German Parliament which hold a session on the official recognition of the Yazidi genocide.

Everyone can sign this petition through the following link:

The idea of ​​signing the petition came by Dilshad Eido who stated to Ezidi24 that “I decided to contact the Swiss Parliament to inquire about the possibility of signing a petition similar to the petition submitted to the German Parliament, and they in turn directed me to create a link to collect signatures and then submit it to the Swiss Parliament.”

Eido added that “anyone can sign this petition or inquire about the validity of the information by writing to the Swiss Parliament,” emphasizing that “the information that is entered into the link will not be shared with any other party except the Swiss Parliament, and that the site is very secure.”

The Yazidi community was able, when collecting signatures for the German Parliament, to reach 60,000 signatures. After that, the German Parliament held an extraordinary session to discuss the official recognition of the Yazidi genocide. Notably in the beginning of 2023, the German Parliament unanimously voted and officially recognized the Yazidi genocide.

To this day, more than 2,700 women and girls are still missing and their fate is unknown since 2014. in addition to that, about 400,000 Yazidis live in camps for the internally displaced persons without serious attempts to provide security, stability and services for the possibility of voluntary return to their areas of origin. Furthermore there are more than 150,000 Yazidis have immigrated Iraq since the invasion of ISIS to their areas, while killed and kidnapped other thousands of them.

It is noteworthy that more than 18 governments and international bodies have officially recognized the genocide of the Yazidis so far. Those officials have expressed solidarity with the victims of the genocide who were subjected to crimes against humanity and their areas were destroyed.

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