Sinjar Agreement… Baghdad and Erbil throwing it to each other who will implement it?

Iraqi Prime Minister, M. Sh. Alsudani and Barzani discusses Sinjar Agreement again


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Translation: Khalid Salih

With the visit of Iraqi Prime Minister Engineer Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani to the Kurdistan region, he brought with him the file case of the Sinjar Agreement, similar to many other outstanding cases between Baghdad and Erbil, which are waiting for solutions, including the budget of the Kurdistan region. Notably, the budget for three years has been recently approved.

The two parties assured on implementation of Sinjar Agreement which was signed in October 2020 and the normalization of the situation in the this district. additionally to resolve the IDP situation and contributing to the return of displaced people to their areas of origin by creating voluntary return programs, providing services and implementing projects in Sinjar.

Sinjar Agreement includes many aspects and pillars, the most important of which are security, services, compensation for those affected by the ISIS attack, justice for victims, and the formation of local police from the residents of Sinjar itself.

In the meeting between the Iraqi Prime Minister Alsudani and Masrour Barzani, the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan region, yesterday, both talked about Sinjar Agreement and assured the removal of illegal armed groups from Sinjar district.

بغداد و اربيل يرمون اتفاق سنجار على بعضهم، فمن يحلها

One of the most important pillars of the Sinjar Agreement is still pending, which is the appointment of a new Mayor for Sinjar district to take responsibility and manage the mayoralty.

A source who declined to be named said that earlier the political parties agreed on a Yazidi figure for the position of mayor, but the procedures and circumstances forced the two governments to postpone this until later.

The UN and international community continue to stress the need to implement Sinjar Agreement and pressure the two governments to resolve the file of displaced (IDPs) Yazidis and provide services to returnees in Sinjar.

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