The First Ever School Library to Be Built in Sinjar

Ezidi24 – Dilo Haskany

I have been reading news about the schools that Nadia’s Initiative has been building throughout Sinjar, and it has brought me joy and hope that our Yazidi community rise again. However, I was particularly excited about the new library that Nadia’s Initiative built in Dougry, Sinjar with help from Sunrise NGO and with the funding and support of Millie’s Bookshelf. This is the first ever school library to be built in Sinjar. While it might be a small library, every book on its shelves contains vast knowledge to enlighten the hearts and minds of hundreds of students who will be reading them. Those books will stimulate students to enlarge their world. I believe that every book is a window into a new world with new knowledge to be learnt and benefited from, and that through this library student will be gain that knowledge.
When I was living in Sinjar, I always wished to go to a library, pick a book and read it in a quiet place. However, that was not possible because we did not have libraries. Now, I might not be there to read the books on the shelves of this library, but there are thousands of other students who I am confident will benefit from it, gain wisdom, and be able to use it for their studies.
Education is important for our community especially now because it plays such a vital role in the growth and progress of a community, which is what we need to build back our lives. Like my parents always told me “your pen is the most powerful weapon you can have.” Education is a weapon that cannot be broken or taken from you once you have it, so let us all read and become more educated individuals and students to help our community move forward.

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